Example Mentor Evaluation Forms

Mentoring Assessment

The Mentoring Competency Assessment (MCA) is a validated tool designed by the University of Wisconsin-Madison. This 26-item skill assessment is aligned with the six competencies addressed in the research mentor training curricula on this site. While it was designed to assess the impact of the training, mentors and mentees may also use the tool for self-reflection.

View the MCA for mentors or the MCA for mentees.

The full instruments that are used to evaluate our mentor training, which in addition to the 26-item MCA include information on demographics, training satisfaction and behavioral change, can be previewed on the training evaluation page.

View the article on the MCA's validation in Academic Medicine

Additional Tools for Mentor Self-Reflection:

The article "Evaluating and Giving Feedback to Mentors: New Evidence-Based Approaches" by Anderson et al. includes a mentor self-reflection template:

Similarly, "Self-assessment: How Good a Mentor Are You?" is available in the article "Nature's Guide For Mentors" by Lee et al.:

Additional Tools for Mentee Self-Reflection:

UC Davis uses a Mentor Evaluation Form to be completed by mentees as part of their Mentored Clinical Research Training Program:

Mentoring Program Assessment

The University of Illinois at Chicago Administrative Professional Mentoring Program (APMP) uses a tool to assess their mentoring program (see "APMP Evaluation Form" on connecting page). This is an example of a programs that pre-selects mentoring pairs and provides administrative support for mentoring relationships.